Riding with the Muses, Paris

                                                           Luna was born Marcela Paz Luna Rossel,
                              overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Viña del Mar, Chile, on 1972 's Earth Day.   More ?

From a very young age, she had the awareness - if not always the willingness - of being an Artist.
Things like the urge to draw on walls, among other quirks, kept giving her away.
Few of her toddler doodles survived a rather hectic childhood, but a couple of nude portraits, in a now fading pink marker, are among her favorite work.

A crucial influence in her life and Art, was an early, forceful start on the roads of migration via exile, during General Pinochet's bloody Dictatorship. Serendipity brought her family to Paris, France, where surviving banishment turned out to be an excellent exercise in creativity. Besides, enduring hardship in the City of Light has been historically très romantique, right?...

But Luna went back to Chile where, as a teenager, she used her brushes as a colorful weapon against that Dictatorship, painting clandestine, subversive street murals with her friends. An extremely dangerous and unpaid version of “Public Art”. :)

Having her first passport as a toddler made for a bad case of free thinking and “Itchy Feet Syndrome”. Eventually, her wandering spirit, or perhaps serendipity again, but ultimately, love, brought her to the US, where she has created a fair amount of Art under the Californian sun.

After years of formal training - and most informal apprenticeships! - in the Fine Arts, on a variety of media, from Experimental Photography and Painting, to Sculpture and Public Art, she continues to explore different materials, in a quest to reveal what she calls her “poetry ridden vision”, or to exorcise her demons, attempting all along to coerce the ineffable out of that liminal space where it abides...

You may find Luna creating unique Public Art, private commissions, or anonymous creations, while she meanders through the World, getting lost in translation, dissolving into contemplation, dusting and refurbishing forgotten utopias over an exotic meal, or writing poetry destined to oblivion...

Lately, she's been doing all of the above, plus highly un-scientific research for upcoming shows, at several locations from Asia, to South and North America to Europe.

“...let the beauty of what you love be what you do. There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground, there are a thousand ways to go home again.” – Rumi