Art was a primordial calling, urging me to doodle on the walls as a little toddler...

This lifelong yearning allows me to be as comfortable making anonymous, fleeting installations in nature, never to be seen by eyes other than mine, as I can be during the long process towards the completion of a permanent Public Art piece.

Whether on earth, paper, canvas, or on a sculpture, I use a rich, multifaceted palette of little treasures that “speak to me”; some of these collections years in the making.
Encompassing natural, found and recycled materials; ceramics, glass, metal and more, I create 2 or 3 dimensional pieces, and rather unorthodox mosaics, that are truly one of a kind; some of them of a tactile and sensuous character, others more oneiric.

The primal simplicity of my designs, and the sumptuosity of the textures, is evocative of the shapes, and formations in Nature, the realm where by many of my Muses abide.
My work usually leans towards this organic abstraction but recently my first love, the Human figure, made a comeback invading my new body of work, now pullulating with haunting, archetypal silhouettes...

Abstract or figurative, my art reflects upon ideas that have been pervasive in my life and work, as brought about by some bewildering facts of the human condition, such as inhabiting a floating star that spins around the Universe, each of us a liminal amalgam of flesh and breath within a multidimensional reality...
These philosophical concerns commingle at times, as in my “Wounded” series, with more prosaic facts from my personal history, for instance, an early, forceful start in the roads of migration via exile.

As Anselm Kiefer said so accurately, "Art is longing. You never arrive but you keep going in the hope that you will". So ultimately, my work is a humble attempt to speak of the ineffable. Fluttering as a moth around the luminous, intangible dimension which is the realm of the human heart, mind and spirit.