This body of work brings together materials of a powerful character, such as metal, stone and glass, to create striking, one of a kind, wall pieces and sculptures.

The artworks play with the idea of an outer surface that opens up to expose a hidden, contrasting layer. As a fissure, a small chasm, it seems to give the viewer a glimpse into the undergrounds of a mythical, uncharted landscape, with overlaying, superimposed matter, as the textures of strata in nature.

These metaphorical apertures, are also a threshold.
A mysterious window or passage, revealing the innards of an unknown creature, or perhaps glancing into the recondite inner world that breathes within us. They appear as a rupture or incision, a fresh cut, raw flesh exposed to the elements.
As connoted by the tiny mosaics in some of the pieces, these open wounds expose a certain fragmentation, which comes with the territory of being a live, vulnerable human.

We've all been wounded.
The elaborate embroidery of Life, where collective awareness resides, is a magnificent weaving made of joy and pain, beauty and sadness. At some point or another, we have tasted them all.
My own scars, some literal, include things like a bloody military dictatorship and exile; surgeries
, hospitalizations and a fair amount of pain. But these personal threads of grief are forever entangled within the mesh of global sorrow.
And the ability to hear the cry of the world is etched within the enduring texture on the surface of my soul.

Sometimes I use sawing, as frail, fleeting links; delicate metaphorical bonds that attempt to close these wounds and maybe hold us together, bridge parallel dimensions, restore union.
These stitches speak of the fragility of the human condition and our quest for wholeness. Little strings tying up the tightly packed universe that makes up an individual, and then, at the same time, linking it with the intricate tapestry of connections, relationships, interdependence and exchange established during our existence.

These symbolic wounds celebrate the hidden poetry of interlacing beauty and pain on our journeys. We are all “wounded healers”, in one way or another; our fragile stitches are mending, patching, healing... Shattered bodies, fractured hearts, crumbled dreams, broken promises... even a ravaged planet.
As more than one poet has pointed out, “the wound is the place where the light enters”.