- Back in California! :)
- "Weather on Steroids" will be at the Long Beach Aquarium, until February 2018.
- "Secret Portal" & "Forest Spirit" will be at the San Diego Botanical Garden until April 2018.

- Luna is in France! :)
3 months as a Wondering Artist in Residence! She will be making Art and visiting friends, in the land that gave her refuge as a small child...

- WEATHER ON STEROIDS, award winning show travels!

June 10th - September 3rd: Gallery of the New San Diego Central Library, California.

- February 10th: Wonderful opening night and my work on the Cover (and back!) of the Catalog. :)


NEW SHOW! "WEATHER ON STEROIDS: the Art of Climate Change"

Striking multimedia work by a handful of talented artists, inspired by the research of scientists from Scripps Institute of Oceanography.
Visit February 11 - May 21 at the Wisteria Cottage Gallery, La Jolla Historical Society. Free admission; see www.lajollahistory.org for hours and more info. 

One of Luna's pieces on the show, a life size mosaic, "Dissolution", part of her "Within, Without: The Human Series":


California Stop 

Back from long wanderings in rainy jungles and parched deserts, mountains and oceans; with the whisper of the Muses still alive, Luna is back in California, creating work for upcoming shows. 

 yo dunas


Luna has been on a partial, flexible Sabbatical... with stops in South and North America, Asia, Europe... Doing some volunteer work, and a lot of research for a new body of work and upcoming shows.


2015 Sawasdee kah! Hello from Thailand!... :)

Luna visiting "The Rainmaker's Symphony", sculpture made in 2008 at the Royal Flora Ratchaphruek Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Wherever she is at the moment, you can always drop her a line through the Guestbook ;)

Public or Private commissions are still possible depending on itinerary.

Her local gallery, MMCA, one of the best in San Diego, sadly had to close, so Artworks are available now directly from the Artist, to be shipped from California.


Sculpture in the Park 2012:


 From July the 9th, enjoy a beautiful Sculpture Show at the San Diego Botanical Gardens, Luna has 2 pieces this year!


bot garden 2012, flame

bot garden 2012, 2 2 tango

"Flame", mixed media mosaics.                                    "2 2 Tango", Stainless steel, mosaics and cement.



October, 2011



This new Public Art project was just installed recently on Atlantic Avenue, City of Long Beach, CA. More info in Public Art portfolio.


June, 2011 "Sentinel of Silence"


   Photo by Rachel Cobb

This beautiful Bronze sculpture will be  part of the show at the San Diego Botanical Gardens. The exhibition will be open for several months, don't miss it!


May 2011, Mosaic Mural in Campbell, CA


Alber & I recently installed a new Public Art Project,  "Memory Landscape", a triptych mural located at the beautiful Community Center in the City of Campbell.  More info in Public Art portfolio.


September, 2010

Is time for another Open Studio! You are welcome this Saturday September the 4th, between 4 and 10. Leaving for Europe next week, so last chance to see me :) ...well, for a bit at least. The website is a bit more together, in spite of the crazy amount of work I've had... which made it difficult to dedicate enough time to it!


June 28th

The opening for the new Downtown Studio was a success! Many thanks to the hundreds of people that showed up last Saturday! I'll be posting photos here and finishing the website'

s remodel within the next couple of weeks...


June, 2010

Luna is currently remodeling this Website, remodeling a new Studio, while looking for a house close to the new Studio, finishing several pieces, preparing a show, about to start 3 Public Art projects with partner Alber, as well as planing trips to Europe and South America ...and, well, trying not to freak out too much! :)